$1 Million Porsche-Designed Advent Calendar

November 16, 2010


What better way to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus than with a million-dollar advent calendar designed by Porsche? Singing Christmas carols and spreading good cheer? Don't make me laugh.

Standing two meters tall and rendered from brushed aluminum, the "calendar" looks more like a sophisticated art installation than a festive timetable. But it's behind the 24 luminous windows -- representing each December day before Christmas -- that the real surprises are hidden.

They include a pair of 18 carat gold sunglasses, aluminum fountain pens, a lambskin jacket, a limited edition chronograph watch, a customizable designer kitchen and, to crown it all, a luxury eight-meter yacht.

Here's the $300K boat that's included HERE (which isn't actually contained inside the monolith -- shocking, I know) . Wow, and to think my advent calendars have always been filled with assy-tasting chocolates. I feel slighted. "Well GW, have you ever considered that maybe it's because you're a naughty boy?" I dunno, have you ever considered you don't even know what the hell you're talking about BECAUSE THESE ARE ADVENT CALENDARS AND NOT CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, MORON. I hope you get coal this year. No -- a turd you only think is coal until you touch it.

What's inside the $1 million advent calendar? [cnn]
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Thanks to Stephen, who opted for the Ferrari advent calendar this year because he already has enough boats.

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