Ya Best Protect Ya Neck: Airbag Helmets

October 20, 2010


There's nothing worse than getting hit by a car riding a bike (but cars can't ride bikes!). Kidding, there are much worse things, like getting hit by a tractor trailer while riding a bike. Missiles and gunfire are also bad. But, starting next year, an airbag helmet might just save your life. It won't, however, save you any money. The head protectors will cost around $450 when the go on sale this spring. "Screw that, I'll just risk it!" Haha, I thought you'd say that. Which is why I loosened your handlebars.

The Hövding, which means "Chieftain" in Swedish, is the brainchild of Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, who said they wanted to develop a form of protection that would increase helmet use.

"The protection would include preserving the sense of freedom and not ruin your hairstyle," Alstin says on the website David Report.

Hövding involves a black waterproof collar surrounding an the airbag and other components. The collar attaches to a removable, washable shell that currently comes in black and a red paisley design

The Hövding will go on sale next spring, just in time for bike weather.

Hoho, *gesturing at pants* I've got a Hövdinger for you right here! No, I really don't is the thing. What I do have is a pocketful of warm Starburst and bar tabs. "Jesus, GW, you really live the life, don't you?" Nope, I die it. Wow, that turned out a lot more depressing than I'd hoped. *glug glug* Oh well -- you win some, you booze some.

Hit the jump for an un-inflated shot and a worthwhile crash-test video of the instant head protector in action.


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