Willy Wonka '3-Course Meal' Gum A Reality?

October 11, 2010


Remember the scene (that I so lovingly screencapped) from Willy Wonka where Wonka shows those ungrateful little turds the gum that has a three-course meal packed inside? Well apparently a non-nutritive version of the gum is on it's way. Damn girl, your breath be kickin'. *sniff* IS THAT ROAST BEEF?!

Researchers have developed a technology that allows different flavours to be captured inside microscopic capsules, which can be designed to release the flavours at different times.

Some of the capsules could be filled with flavouring for tomato soup that would break open on contact with saliva, while tougher capsules would contain the flavour for roast beef that would break open as the gum is chewed. A final flavour for blueberry pie could be packaged in capsules that require vigorous chewing to burst.

But what happens if you toss a piece in your mouth and immediately start masticating the shit out of it? Exactly, you get all three flavors at once. Then -- THEN -- a bonus flavor. Probably vomit.

Willy Wonka chewing gum could become reality [telegraph]

Thanks to Eddy, who's holding out for flavor-changing ice cream. Dammit, now you got me all thinking about sundaes!

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