What Your Facebook Picture Says About You

October 6, 2010


Note: This isn't the whole graphic, you need to click HERE to see the whole thing and really delve into the field of Facebook portrait investigation. It's kind of like CSI, in the same way having a bear maul your genitals off is like making out with a supermodel. Basically identical. Now -- here's a badge and gun, let's do this!

What does a person's Facebook portrait say about them? 99% of the time it says they're ugly and trying to hide it. But not in my case. In my case it says, "damn, is that a drawing of a really muscular guy humping a dino in a natural hot spring?" YOU KNOW IT IS!

Facebook's steady, unrelenting invasion of every crevice in the civilized world has led to a new renaissance in portraiture, notable for its creation by people who wouldn't know good art if it friend requested them.

This chart will hopefully help you view specific Facebook portraits within the context of the larger genre, and therefore lead to a richer, more complex appreciation of Facebook portraiture as an emerging form of banal, eye-numbing expression.

I didn't actually bother reading any of that because I hate words worse than getting out of bed in the morning, but I did look at the chart briefly. You know what I learned? Nothing. Just like college -- and I went for 8 years!

A Graphic Guide to Facebook Portraits [fastcompany]
Geekologie on Facebook

Thanks to Jericho, tubthumper and Alice, who only post pictures of their pets because they're weird like that. Or -- OR -- they're actually cats and dogs. *DUM DUM DUM!*

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