What Kind Of Zombies Are We Dealing With?

October 5, 2010


Note: Slightly larger version HERE for those of you with eyes in the back of your head that have to use a mirror to see the monitor.

Will you survive the zombie apocalypse? I dunno, I guess it depends on what kind of zombies you're dealing with. Because I'm gonna be honest: based on your intelligence and physical prowess, I say you're brain food for any zombie better equipped than those in 'Night of the Creeps'. That included Zombie Strippers. Which, if you are gonna be eaten by zombies, isn't the worst way to go (read: you might be able to cop a feel on your way out). Just don't come crying to me in hell when your last memory is a boob coming off in your hand.

How Dangerous Is a Zombie? [yahoomovies]

Thanks to Eric and Miss Bowser, who will both survive the zombie apocalypse because they have jetpacks. Lucky!

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