Well Folks, It's Official: Literature Is Dead

October 18, 2010


This is a real sign spotted at a Barnes & Noble bookstore. And the question of the hour is this: should we all be excited that kids are at least reading something, or disappointed THERE'S A F***ING 'TEEN PARANORMAL ROMANCE' GENRE? Option two, obviously. I swear, I'm so disgusted right now I could burn down Amazon. "GW, stop being stupid -- Amazon isn't even a real store." Oh yeah? Well you're not even a real person, so there. Don't believe me? Pinch your non-dominant arm as hard as you can. Haha, that's what you get!

Say hello to the newest for-real book section at Barnes & Noble [reddit]

Thanks to Ashley, who admitted to loving the Twilight series in her tip and officially dead to me. Zombie teen romance?! Please God no.

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