Tokyoflash's Latest Wrist Candy, The Kisai 'Wasted' (Sorry But I'm Already There)

October 27, 2010


When I think "wasted" I think every good opportunity that's every come my way. Plus binge drinking. And that, in a nutshell, is how I live my life: drunk and full of regret (plus diarrhea a lot of the time). Oh God I think I only have one beer left in the fridge aside, this is the Kisai 'Wasted' from Tokyoflash. I don't know about you, but it's already got me feelin' a lil tipsy!

You've taken a hit and your senses are coming alive. You try to stay focused as a hyper energetic mix of bright lights and vivid colors overpower your mind, but it's too late. You're under the influence of Kisai Wasted.

With Wasted, the time is easy to read at a glance. A touch of the button will initiate the twisted display and the current time will flash for a short time to direct you. Hours are shown on the outside in the same position as numbers on a clock, groups of five minutes on the inside and single minutes in the centre from bottom to top.

$85 takes one home in either black or white. Now I know what you're thinking, but sorry, no gray. Or pink. But I will paint one green for you if you send it to me. No, no I won't. But I will sell it on eBay behind your back. Plus start vicious rumors. EXTRA NIPPLE THIS GUY'S GOT AN EXTRA NIPPLE ON HIS SHOULDER!

Hit the jump for several more shots, a diagram explaining how to read the thing, along with a video of the puke-inducing action.





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