The Resemblance Is Uncanny!: New "Yoda" Bat Discovered In Papua New Guinea

October 7, 2010


A bat that allegedly looks like Yoda has been discovered in Papua New Guinea. Personally, I don't see the resemblance. It looks like a flying f***ing orc if you ask me. Well, I guess there's only one way to settle this rationally: BURN DOWN THE FOREST -- LET'S SMOKE 'EM OUT!

A tube-nosed fruit bat with an appearance reminiscent of the Star Wars Jedi Master Yoda has been discovered in a remote rainforest.

The bat, along with an orange spider and a yellow-spotted frog are among a host of new species found in a region of Papua New Guinea.

More than 200 animals and plants were revealed for the first time after two months of surveying in the rugged and little-explored Nakanai and Muller mountain ranges last year.

The findings included two mammals, 24 species of frog, nine plants, nearly 100 new insects including damselflies, crickets and ants, and around 100 spiders.

What I want to know is who's responsible for starting this whole, "it looks like Yoda" nonsense. Because that bat looks nothing like Yoda. Shit, I've seen cats that look more like Yoda. And let me tell you: those were some ugly-ass cats. None of which could use the Force. But one did walk up to its litterbox, put its two front paws in, and then shit on the floor next to it, so that one was close.

Hit the jump for one more closeup of the look-alike in question.


Feel the force: Tube-nosed bat which bears striking resemblance to Yoda discovered as scientists find hundreds of new species [dailymail]

Thanks to Miss Bowser, who once discovered a slug that looked like Jabba but before she could run inside and grab her camera some neighborhood kid salted the poor bastard. Now it looks like a dried boogie.

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