The Littlest Lil' Pac-Man You Ever Did See

October 7, 2010


This is a 3.5-micron Pac-Man. How big is a micron? At least twice as long as yourcron! *zing!*

Nano PacMan made of copper oxide

Scanning electron microscope image of a copper oxide cluster, 3.5 microns in diameter, prepared by evaporation and condensation over an alumina substrate. The smiley, nose and eye are present in the original SEM image, which has only been color-enhanced.

ZOMG the smiley, nose and eye are from the original picture? WHY THE HELL DOES A COPPER OXIDE CLUSTER HAVE A FACE?! Damn you, secret biological testing! (I'm still waiting on that laser-peen)

Nano PacMan, self-illuminating flowers and other winning nanotechnology images [nanowerk]
Teeny Tiny Pac-Man [kotaku]

Thanks to Jody, who isn't afraid of the world's smallest Pac-Man, he's afraid of the world's largest. Yeah well I'd rather be able to see the thing than have it floating around inside my body. WHICH YOU DO HAVE.

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