The Cutest Lil Robocop You Ever Did See

October 29, 2010


In the spirit of Halloween I'll forgive the father responsible for dressing his young, impressionable child up like Robocop and taking pictures of him patrolling around Detroit. But just for the weekend. Come Monday this sort of thing isn't cool anymore. And speaking of not cool anymore -- I'm pretty sure the air conditioner in my bedroom broke back in June. I still turn it on though because I like the rattling sound it makes. Helps me sleep at night. Also, drinking a lot right before bed. Sorry if I'm not making any sense right now I drank a fat man's weight in booze last night and I'm hair of the dogging it this morning to make my head stop pounding. I might have already had too much. Just kidding, there's no such thing. You know how much Halloween candy I'm gonna eat this weekend? All of it.

Hit the jump for several more, and a link to even more of the candy magnet in action.



Part Kid, Part Machine, All Cop. [sweet-juniper] (with a ton more pics)
robotot costume is part kid, part robot cop and all awesome [technabob]

Thanks to manijeh, who would never dress a child up like a robot because they'd get picked on at school and develop a complex.

UPDATE: We removed a few of the pictures at the request of the owner.

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