The Comment Killa: Woman Drives Four Hours To Shoot/Kill Rude Internet Commenter, Fails

October 4, 2010


Breana Outhouse Greathouse, 25, procured a firearm and drove 220 miles with the intent of killing an internet commenter that said some really mean things about her online. Pfft -- if I had a dime for every time I loaded up the car with guns & explosives and headed out to kill a commenter get over it, lady.

[Breana] drove several hundred miles from Kansas City, Missouri to Ottumwa, Iowa, to shoot a certain Forrest Jamison, whom she blamed for posting derogatory comments about her on the Internet.

Fortunately her Midwestern odyssey...ended in failure when she was arrested by Ottumwa police for waving her gun around like the unhinged maniac she is.

Also, they arrested her mom, Susan Greathouse, 50, for threatening Jamison over the phone.

Awww, they made it a mother/daughter thing! So precious. But seriously, how come whenever I want to kill a commenter it involves an expensive plane ticket, but this chick lucks out with a four hour drive? It isn't fair! Huh? WHAT'D YOU SAY TO ME?! *opening Expedia in a new tab* I'LL CUT YOU.

Woman Travels 200+ Miles to Kill Internet Commenter [mediapost]

Thanks to The Superficial Writer, who's agreed to go on a rude commenter killing spree with me in the event we both get terminal cancer.

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