Taking Tiny Terrors To A Whole New Level: Company Producing Mini-Mechas For Children

October 4, 2010


The Sakakibara Kikai company of Japan is producing these $21,000 'Kid Walker' mechas because what isn't a great idea about letting a child with little to no hand-eye coordination control a giant robotic suit? Now I couldn't actually find a list of the mecha's full capabilities anywhere, but Sakakibara Kikia, if you're listening: feel free to add "make a grown-ass man shit himself" to that list. Speaking of which, you owe me some new underwears. Oh, scratch that -- couch cushions (almost forgot it was commando bloggin' Monday!).

A couple more shots and a video of the walker (which actually rolls), after the jump.



Turn your kid into Iron Man with this giant working exoskeleton [dvice]

Thanks to Thaylor and justin, who agree any child caught riding around in a $21K mecha has terrible parents and is better off being sent to live with relatives in the countryside where they may or may not set off on a series of magical adventures inside an old wardrobe.

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