Sweet Underwateroil Bioshock Case Mod

October 5, 2010


It's not actually water, it's mineral oil. Did you know you can submerge computer components in mineral oil (except spinning drives) for liquid cooling? Because you can do that. What you can't do is take a bath with a power supply. Well not a normal person anyway. It's what I like to call the "superhero" test. Are YOU a superhero? What? I'm weeding out the weak ones, yo! Anywho, a Big Daddy Bioshock themed computer mod in a mineral oil filled aquarium. Try saying that ten times fast! Actually, don't -- your voice sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

Sirleechalot took a 5-gallon aquarium and filled it with four gallons of mineral oil. He then sunk the mainboard powered by an Atom processor and the PSU into the mineral oil after mounting it to a clear plastic backing. The Big Daddy figure that gives the casemod the Bioshock feel was purchased from Amazon. The oil gets bubbled with a bubble filter underneath some black gravel.

Not bad! My brother and I spent many a fond hour exploring Rapture and saving Little Sisters from the grips of those evil splicers. But only during daylight hours and never with the surround sound turned all the way up. We're delicate, okay?! And by delicate I mean the manliest men God ever breathed life into. Isn't that right, Frank? "Pork chop sandwiches!" Haha, that's my bro.

Video of the assembly and final product after the jump.

geek sinks htpc in mineral oil for bioshock casemod [technabob]

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