Surprised, I'm Not At All: Chinese Man Gets Arm Stuck In Toilet Trying To Save Cellphone

October 20, 2010


A young man from the Jiangsu Province in China whom I won't name (but will post a picture and video of) because he's already gone though enough embarrassment, managed to get his arm stuck in the exit-pipe of a commode trying to retrieve his dropped cell phone. *horf* That. Is. Disgusting. Thankfully, "emergency services rescued him with only minor cuts and bruises to his arm." No word on whether or not he got the phone back, but when his arm was finally freed he was clutching a turd. So I'm guessing no.

One minute video of the rescue operation going down after the jump. Also, did you know an average of 850,000 cell phones are dropped in toilets yearly? Fact!

Man traps himself in toilet trying to retrieve cellphone, has time to re-evaluate life priorities [engadget]

Thanks to Dj Azer, who invented a cell phone that can't be dropped in toilets. It's the size of a dinner table. And to Aizobot, who I will kill but did point out that there's a cell phone on the back of the sink while guy is washing his hands. Success?!

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