Stuff It Back In!: 'Umbilical' Cell Phone Charger

October 1, 2010


This pulsating 'umbilical' iPhone charger was designed by Mio I-zawa as an experiment in just how disgusting a person can make a cell phone charger. Nice try, Mio, but a REAL disgusting charger would ooze pus and smell like a dead animal. Oh I'm sorry -- were you eating? Hit the jump to see a short video of the charger doing it's thing. Then, hit the person next to you to see if they'll fight back. If they don't, demand their wallet. If they do, good luck, my money's on them.

Hit it for the WTFery.

The hands-down creepiest way to charge your iPhone [dvice]

Thanks to Janice, who agrees biological phone chargers are an abomination to nature (not to mention taste and decency). Now, let's cook it and eat it.

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