Security: Biometric Ear Scanners Coming?

October 12, 2010


Aural fetish "scientists" at the University of South Hampton claim they've developed a biometric ear scanner than can identify individuals with almost perfect accuracy. I'm skeptical, but still cutting both my ears off tonight. Suck it, Van Gogh -- GO BIG OR GO HOME!

Biometric scientists at the University of Southampton say they can identify ears with a 100% success rate.

In a new paper, scientists from the University's School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) described how a technique called the image ray transform can highlight tubular structures such as ears, making it possible to identify them.

The research describes how the transform is capable of highlighting tubular structures such as the helix of the ear and spectacle frames and, by exploiting the elliptical shape of the helix, can be used as the basis of a method for enrolment for ear biometrics.

So....ears are the new snowflakes? Or are snowflakes the new ears? Neither dummy -- snowflakes and ears are completely unrelated. Let me guess, you failed the analogies part of your IQ test, didn't you? GW : the internet :: Wizard : Oz. PUT THAT IN YOUR YELLOW BRICKS AND BUILD A HOUSE OUT OF IT, THIRD LITTLE PIG!

Biometrics: Identifying People By Their Ears [science20]

Thanks to The Emortal, who is to Geekologie tips like my ex is to death threats.

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