Sears: For All Your Power Tool Zombie Needs

October 26, 2010


Note: Larger screencap HERE for those of you that wouldn't be caught dead(!) at

Sears, in the spirit of Halloween (or zombie apocalypse) has created a zombie department on their website. I took a look at it, it was hard to navigate because I don't know what 'zhabbanh mahn zamblahz' means. Then the dog farted in her sleep right next to me so I had to get up and walk around the apartment to air out for a minute. By the time I sat back down I had lost all interest. In living. I'm serious, her ass is really that bad. Silent by violent, futile but brutal, yo. Love you, Chloe! (now go sleep by your mommy)

Sears Website in "Zombian"

Thanks to ShinBuroken, meeotch, Dom S, deadexis and pat d., who don't support zombie-owned businesses because they're convinced the proprietors sold their souls. And they might have.

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