Scorpion Playing MK Theme On Accordion

October 4, 2010


Some nutcase dressed as Scorpion playing the Mortal Kombat theme on an accordion: it's why Youtube was invented. Well, that and me with a grocery bag over my head ranting about how Taco Bell always forgets to give me a ramekin of cheese with my nachos. STOP CUTTING CORNERS YOU CHEAP-ASS TACOTEERS! Also, my Baja Blast was flat and there was a homeless woman begging for change in the drive-thru line. I backed over her, so I believe some extra Fire sauce is in order.

Hit the jump for a minute of videogame polka.


Thanks to Vadim, who once played such a beautiful rendition of the Mortal Kombat theme on an angel's breasts that heaven itself cried. And that, my friends, is where rain comes from. Science fact!

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