Samus Aran In Mini-Zero Suit & Bunny Ears

October 4, 2010


This is some sessy Samus Aran cosplay. It's not very authentic because Samus's Zero Suit is actually full-body and I've never seen her in bunny ears before, but you know what? I can look past those things. Also, I have no idea where these pictures originally came from so if anybody knows I'd be happy to update and give the proper credit, particularly if there's more where these came from. But if aren't more where these came from I'll probably be so disappointed I'll just pretend I never got your message. Journalistic integrity: the internet killed it. Also: print media pr0n.

UPDATE: Jessica's Facebook Cosplay Page.

Hit the jump for a shot from the rear (straight to your heart).


Jessica's Facebook Fan Page

Thanks to BJ my PENN, who agrees Playboy should reconsider a cosplaying centerfold. And to heartless dragon, who just made Jessica a bunch more fans.

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