Run, Do Not Walk: Robot Tank With Machine Gun

October 29, 2010


Northrup Grumman, a company best known for having two last names for a name, unveiled this machine gun wielding robot at the recent Association of the U.S. Army's Washington conference, solidifying in my mind that moving far, far away from DC was the right choice for me. The robot, typically an unarmed supply-carrying bot, was weaponized especially for the event.

Quite frankly," explains Anderson, a Northrop advanced-systems employee with short white hair and a whiter smile, "a weapon on a robot brings people into the booth."

With a grin, Anderson calls it a "new application," comparing his modification to the first time someone thought to arm a drone with a Hellfire missile. "We're gonna come around the side here," he says, "and scare people half to death."

All Anderson is doing, he says, is nudging the Army, suggesting that maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing to have a rolling armed robot, and rattles off all the guns it can support: the M240, the M249, the MK19 grenade launcher, a 25mm or 30mm cannon. What could go wrong?

Listen, I've had way too much to drink this morning to even go into weaponized robot tanks without getting violently ill, but -- oh God -- *BLAAAAAAAAAH!!* Ouch, that one stung. *wiping mouth with toilet paper, admiring myself in the mirror* Now, where was I? Working on my laptop at the kitchen table? Right. Hey -- somebody puked in here!

Northrop Arms Its Robot Pack Mule With Big Gun [wired]

Thanks to all the folks that sent me this, I broke my other laptop last night in a fit of (drunken) rage when it wouldn't cook my Hot Pocket evenly and won't have access to my email until tomorrow.

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