RIP: Guy On Scooter Misses Elevator, Rams Doors Until Plummeting Down The Shaft

October 7, 2010


This is a video of a 40-year old South Korean man who, pissed a group of tarts didn't hold the elevator for him, proceeds to ram the doors with his scooter until they give way and he plummets down the shaft. Yeah, apparently he died. "Holy shit" is right. And, since you're not supposed to talk ill of the dead for fear of finding them shooting the bull with St. Peter when you arrive at the pearly gates, I won't. Although that was a terrible decision and it's a miracle this guy even made it to 40. That said, a lady in my apartment building refused to ride the elevator with me this morning. The elevator stopped at her floor, the doors open, and she just stands there. She may have even backed away a little. Geez lady, I'm not that ugly. Yes I am too but still, it's not like I tooted or anything. I think she's just cra-- huh? I forgot pants this morning? Oh no. Wiener peepin' through the boxer hole? Not again.

Hit the jump for Final Destination 12.

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Thanks to Masami, Stephen, sho-time, Janet, derek and Kristina, who wouldn't have done that. Except Stephen, he's reaaaaally impatient.

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