Questionable: Male Enhancement Underwear

October 6, 2010


Wearing socks? Congratulations, you're also wearing male-enhancement underwear.

The Daily Mail reports that the British retailer [Marks & Spencer] is set to debut two new styles of Bodymax body-shaping underwear for men on Oct. 15: one that provides a boost to the bum, the other with a wee bit of extra bunting in the bulge.

"Our technologists have worked hard to engineer two styles that are comfortable to wear and that give real results," says Dave Binns, head of M&S men's underwear. "These pants provide a real confidence boost for men, and we think they will prove popular with our customers."

The posterior picker uppers, which sell for £15 ($20 U.S.), use seam-free tailoring to raise the rear by a fifth, reports the newspaper, while a pair of fluffed-up frontals, which include a "shelf" that provides at 38 percent enhancement, will cost £10 ($13 U.S.).

Listen: as a guy who's no stranger to drawing attention to his wiener in public: don't wear anything under the trenchcoat. Kidding, I can't believe people actually do that. Trenchcoats, ha! What is it, the 90's? Besides, let's say that, against all odds, you actually do bring a lady home. What happens when you take off your underwear and your penis disappears? Run -- she's a witch.

Marks & Spencer to Reveal Bodymax Male-Enhancement Underwear [stylist]

Thanks to Tiago, who needs male dehancement underwear (you owe me bigtime).

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