Princess Leia: Yes I Blew Snow On Hoth

October 11, 2010


So yesterday at 10:10 it was 10:10, 10/10/10. I meant to celebrate but I started playing Peggle and forgot when it was getting close both times. Moving on: Carrie Fischer admitted to snorting the cocaines while filming on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. Pfft, some princess!

"We did cocaine on the set of 'Empire', in the ice planet," Fisher told Australian newswire AAP, referring to the setting of the second film in the original "Star Wars" trilogy.

"I didn't even like coke that much, it was just a case of getting on whatever train I needed to take to get high," she said while visiting Sydney for her "Wishful Drinking" stand-up comedy show.

Okay I've got to admit I'm more surprised Fisher's a "comedian" now than the fact she put powder up her nose 30 years ago. I mean, you were on set in the late 70's, I'd be more surprised if you weren't blowing coke on Hoth. Now blowing Ewoks on Endor, that's different. I heard she did that too.

Princess Leia did cocaine on 'Empire' set [breitbart]

Thanks to Bradley B, who once blew glitterstim off a Wookie's back. That's, uh, that's how you get hairballs bro.

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