Piggybacking Plumber: Mario Plush Backpack

October 12, 2010


An $18 plush Mario backpack: arguably the best deal I've posted on Geekologie in awhile (not including the time I offered up a kidney for a mouthful of a beer).

Take home this cute Super Mario Bros. Mario Plush Backpack today! The backpack features Mario in classic attire. Mario measures approximately 16-inches tall x 8-inches wide.

You've spent a lot of time with Mario, learning typing, being kidnapped by ghosts, saving princesses, and of course, driving around in go-karts. Now he can ride around on your back! Pick up the Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Mario Plush Backpack and show everyone at PAX next year just how much you love Japan's favorite plumber. If you prefer dinosaurs, you might want to see the Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Yoshi Plush Backpack, too!

OMG I do prefer dinosaurs! Tell me -- is the large compartment big enough to fit a sausage? Yes? Cool, now what about two sausages? "Whoa whoa whoa -- the GW swings both ways?!" Both ways? I swing like I just did a bat spin! (read: all the ways)

Hit the jump for a picture of the Yoshi model and a link to the product pages, both of which are currently out of stock :(


Mario Backpack and Yoshi Backpack Product Sites [entertainmentearth]
Mario's Got Your Back! [walyou]

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