Pfft, Sissy: Russian Traffic Stop Gone Wrong

October 15, 2010


Note: The I'm not spoiling it video is after the jump.

If you haven't seen this yet you should watch it. I can't really say anything without ruining it except it all starts as a routine traffic stop (for driving with an odd number of headlights under two) in Russia [insert "in Soviet Russia, the police need you" joke here]. Any idea what's going to happen? Take a guess and then hit the jump to watch. Ooooor be a dick and ruin it for everybody else. Which -- female flasher falls out a speeding car's window! Haha, beat you to it! Just kidding, that's not what happens. That would be equally watchable though. Even more so in slow-mo.

Hit it and solve the mystery.

Shit, that kind of gives it away doesn't it?


Thanks to pirhan, who would have stood her ground because she isn't a giant sissy.

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