Pew Pew, Glug Glug: 36-Shot(glass) Bandolier

October 5, 2010


DAMN RAMBO PUT AWAY THE GUNS AMIRITE?! No, even you could take that guy. Anyway, a $10 shotglass bandolier. Wait -- only $10? HOW CAN THEY SELL THEM SO LOW?!

You gotta fight, for your right, TO PARTY!!!! So strap on this 36-shot-glass bandolier for a guaranteed good time. Two crossing nylon shoulder straps and an adjustable belt hold 36 bullet-shaped, one-ounce shot glasses complete with locking caps. You just thought you liked to party, but with this 36-shot party bandolier, you know.

Um, I'm pretty sure even without the banolier I know I like to party. "I'm here with my friend, GW. GW just got an awesome face paint job, what do you think?" I like parties. See? That said, I just bought two. One for shots, one for that pure, uncut Columbian snow. Get it? Because I'm a drug mule! Sad but true. This ass has seen more coke than all the Mentos in the world.

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Thanks to Sam, who shot a man in Reno just to watch him puke because it was his birthday and he had already had way too many shots and if that wasn't bad enough the one Sam bought him was Tequila and mayonnaise. That was wrong of you, Sam.

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