Oh Goody: Facebook Photos Now 8x Larger

October 1, 2010


Facebook just announced they're jacking up the maximum size of photos you can upload from 720 pixels to 2048. What does this mean? It means your photos can now be 8x as large. Geez, it's not rocket surgery. I had to get my mom to sign me into AOL this morning and even I understand it. There's also gonna be a new and improved photo viewer and easier tagging and uploading as well. Barrel roll! So expect higher-res shots of margaritas and pretty ladies appearing on the Geekologie Facebook page soon. And, if you're really lucky, maybe one day I'll post a picture of my sessy ass. Kidding folks, I'm ugly as sin. One time I uploaded a mirror shot of myself on Myspace and Tom unfriended me. Oh yeah? Screw you and your stupid whiteboard. YOU DON'T KNOW EQUATIONS!

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Thanks to Shannon, who looks great in high res unlike some of us. You guys, I'm talking about you guys.

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