Of Course: Tron/Marvel Comic Book Mashups

October 19, 2010


Because there's nothing sacred in marketing but the bottom line, Marvel will be releasing variant mash-up covers on a number of upcoming comics to really force-feed 'Tron: Legacy' down your gullet. Dammit Disney, at least pre-chew it for me first.

These variant covers, created by Mark Brooks Brandon Peterson, will roll out in November with select Marvel Comics titles: "Aamazing Spider-Man" #651, "Avengers" #7, "Avengers Academy" #7, "Captain America" #612, "Incredible Hulks" #618, "Invincible Iron Man" #33, "New Avengers" #7, "Secret Avengers" #7, "Thor" #617 and "Wolverine" #4.

There's nine more of the covers after the jump, and admittedly a lot of them do look good, but still. I can't help but hate Disney for not putting enough penises in their cartoons. I mean, what am I supposed to do when I take my kids to the latest Disney flick? Drink out of a flask and throw Skittles at all the MILFS? I like the way you think!

Hit the jump for Spider Man, Thor, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Captain America, two chicks with ridiculous looking knockers, and more.










'Tron: Legacy' Variant Covers Light Up Marvel Super-Heroes in November [comicsalliance]

Thanks to T.J., who's gonna collect both versions of each comic and save one for posterity and the other for reading on the john. Smart thinking. You ever run out of TP before? That's why I keep an IKEA catalog on the back of the tank.

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