Neato: Your Musical Preference As A Graph

October 19, 2010


Ever wonder what your musical preference would look like plotted against time? Me neither, but only because I spend my time wondering about more important stuff. Stuff like, oh I don't know, what's the optimal peanut butter to jelly ratio for a sandwich. And, even more importantly, is it dependent on bread type? You know, the really hard-hitting questions. Per not-so-bad Google Translation:

Last graph now takes up precisely these statistics, that is your taste in music and creates a graph in the form of a timeline (x-axis). The different amplitudes (y-axis) represent the frequency of the artists who came to this particular time through your speakers. The service offers several options to customize the finished graph to your needs so you can even change the period and select the color display. You can then save the graph as a PDF file with the very great advantage that load graph created a vector graphic. Thus, the image can be stored up to infinity, enlarge without any loss and therefore print. That's what I did. In a calibrated perfectly ordinary photo service I've printed the poster in 3m width and about 80cm high.

Okay that's actually pretty cool. Unfortunately, I'm embarrassed enough I keep a Lady Gaga CD under my car seat, I can't really go around putting her name up on my wall, now can I? I mean I could, I'd just be ridiculed. You know, by all my friends that come ove....BWAHAHAHAHA! Friends. I had you for a second, admit it!

Hit the jump for some close-ups so you can actually see what's going on.




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Thanks to Closet Nerd, who may, in fact, also be a Closet Ke$ha Fan. I'll admit it if you will.

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