Mind-Boggling Gears That Actually Work

October 26, 2010


Did you know you can make gears out of wood? Same -- I always thought they had to be made out of metal too! But what do I know? I'm just a man who assumes there's a little coal-burning furnace in his laptop's battery. Anyway, wait till Mr. Spacely finds out about this whole wooden gear thing -- he's gonna blow his o-ring sprocket out!

Clayton Boyer demonstrates a variety of square, oval, pentagonal, organic and other unbelievably-shaped gears--and they really work!

That's right folks, the fun doesn't stop at square shapes, oh no, Clayton doesn't discriminate when it comes to gears -- he even has fish and octopus shaped ones! Clayton, you zany as a wooden nickel! That said, why you hatin' on trees so much? You do know they were all alive once, right? Now metal, metal has never really been alive. Get it? Satan's music.

Hit the jump for a worthwhile demonstration of a bunch of different gears.


Watch These Impossible Gears Turn Anyway [gizmodo]

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