NBA Bans Spring-Loaded Basketball Shoes

October 21, 2010


Shocking news, I know. No word if rocket-powered sneakers are still allowed, but I say go for it. Just don't blow your cover by dunking from half-court or blasting off through the stadium roof after a win.

he APLC1 was banned because it contains a "spring-based system that is designed to increase vertical lift." ACPL1's can provide air of up to 3.5-inches more than regular sneakers. Sounds like moon boots to me.

The NBA provided the following statement, "under league rules, players may not wear any shoe during a game that creates an undue competitive advantage."

Athletic Propulsion Lab co-founder Adam Goldston said that he was not shocked to hear the NBA decided to ban his company's sneaker.

3.5-inches of extra air? My toes might actually leave the ground! Haha, fat chance. Get it? Because I'm huge. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if teams have been using these things for years and just not telling anybody. Remember: you're not in trouble if you don't get caught. Except with me, I see everything. Like right now -- you're rolling your eyes. Me? I'm rollin' on the floor laughing a doobie.

Sneaker that acts like moon boots get banned from the NBA [dvice]

Thanks to Keith, who once put Flubber on his ice-skates and did like a centuple axel.

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