Great, More Pieces To Lose: A LEGO Wiimote

October 14, 2010


Listen, I love LEGO as much as the next guy who's tried eating a bowl of them with milk (successfully I might add), but I'm on the fence about this LEGO Wiimote. Like, literally -- I've got a fencepost trying to sneak its way right between my buttcheeks. I'm kind of diggin' it.

A fully functional Wii remote, the Lego Play and Build remote incorporates the full range of buttons and motion tracking technologies, but uses custom casing that allows users to personalize their controller. It comes with two interchangeable battery covers and 31 mini LEGO tiles. It is fully compatible with Wii MotionPlus, and includes an internal speaker and rumble effects.

The LEGO Play and Build Remote will be available later this week for $39.99, exclusively at Toys R Us.

Well thank God it's a fully functional remote. Because for a second there I thought it might only be a moderately functional remote. And a moderately functional anything, my friends, is just a nice way of saying broken.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a link to the Toys R Us product page.




Toys R Us Product Site
A Fully Functional LEGO Wiimote [ign]

Thanks to Jordan N., who's waiting for a DUPLO Wiimote because he's only 3.

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