Mixed Feelings: Pleo The Pet Dino Is Back

October 19, 2010


For those of you not familiar with the original, Pleo is a robotic pet dinosaur that starts off as a newly-hatched Camarasaurus, and then develops a unique personality, mood, and habits based on its treatment. Obviously I never bought into them because I watched a video of one without its skin on and almost slipped into a coma. Aaaaand now they're back.

The new Pleo dinosaur, called the Pleo RB or Pleo Reborn, has been spotted in Hong Kong. This beast cost $500 at a Hong Kong toy show and features touch and temperature sensors, a gravity sensor, and rudimentary voice recognition. It also has an RFID "smell" sensor that can pick up the scents of various items.

As you recall, Pleo was discontinued and then the brand was picked up by Innvo Labs who vowed to return the happy dino back to her lofty place in the world of thinking toys.

$500! Isn't that why they were discontinued in the first place? You're a glorified Furby! And we all know what happened to the Furby's, don't we? Extension. "Dammit GW, how about a little proofreading?!" Oh -- sorry. Instinction. BOOM -- second time's a char-- no? They all died. Also, for everyone who already asked or was about to: no, GW no bone-o robo dino.

Two videos of the thanksbutnothanksasaurus after the jump.

New Pleo Peeks Out From The Antediluvian Mists [crunchgear]

Thanks to Matthew, Ty, Senior Guapo, Jeremy, Dylan and Rosie, who are all smart enough to know that even robots covered in sexy lady costumes still has no hearts. Get it? Because women are so cruel!

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