Milling Machine Playing The MacGyver Theme

October 5, 2010


Now I know what you're thinking, "GW, that has got to be the most boring-ass picture I have ever seen". And you know what? I couldn't agree more I've got some pictures of the carpet under my sofa you might be interested in. Still -- a milling machine playing the MacGyver theme. MacGyver was pretty cool, right? Granted I never saw that hacky MacGruber movie because my paper-clip bomb scare at the movie theater backfired (read: arrests were made, mine), but I used to watch the show a bunch growing up. Also, the neighborhood kids play outside from my bedroom window. "Holy shit GW -- you were a bubble boy?!" Ha, even worse. I was a bubble girl.

Hit the jump for the song and dance in action.


Early Bird Special of the Day []

Thanks to Jukka and Patricia, who agree theme songs today just ain't what they used to be. Uh, WTF did they used to be?

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