Milking It Dry: Disney's Line Of Official TRON Garbage, Including $800 Hooker Heels

October 21, 2010


First the TRON/Marvel mash-up marketing campaign, and now an official line of overpriced TRON garbage for womens. *posing nude on light-bike* I had no idea the ladies were so excited about this movie!

Apparently, there is a market for geeky gear for the ladies too, and Disney is all up on it with some new TRON items. The first product is a pair of spiked platform sandals that cost $795 that would be perfect for any stripper working Comic Com.

Those shoes aren't the only items in the collection from various designers. The price for the gear ranges from $90 to $2,600 and includes earrings and belts. I have to mention the belts if for no other reason than the designer is Han Cholo and the buckle is a golden light cycle.

The most expensive piece in the collection is a sterling silver necklace with the icon symbol from the TRON flick.

There are pictures of the belt and necklace after the jump, both of which look like complete and utter shit. I'm talking real booboo. So bad even stupid rich people will think twice before buying it. Don't get me wrong, they still will, but not without a second of hesitation while they're whipping out the plastic. And speaking of whipping out the plastic -- strap-ons: not as cool as they sound.

Hit the jump for the rest of the crap.



even strippers can dress in tron gear [technabob]

Thanks to Bishop, who once took out an entire legion of pawns and both knights before getting sideswiped by a rook in a sacrificial move that ultimately saved the king and won the game.

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