Man Of Steel? More Like Boy Of Tin!: Superman's Questionable New Look

October 27, 2010


Superman just got a makeover for an upcoming graphic novel about his youth and now looks like the kind of sad emo kid that would steal eyeliner from the beauty department at Target. But you used to be so super!

The new Superman will appear in "Superman: Earth One," a graphic novel by writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist Shane Davis that retells the superhero's origin story. While the iconic superhero retains his dark mane and defined six pack, he now has a decidedly more emo vibe -- pale, leaner, and brooding. (No need to get too worked up, Superman loyalists: This new graphic novel series doesn't replace the original comics, but rather will serve as a "reinterpretation" of his younger years.)

The Superhero Universe seems to have been increasingly influenced by what could be termed the "Twilight Effect," as Wonder Woman was given a similarly "edgy" makeover in June when her "bustier and hotpants" were traded out for a blue biker jacket and a trendy new hair style.

In the words of the New York Post, the new Man of Steel "wears hoodies" and "has smoldering eyes"; and as Clark Kent, he wears low-cut pants and skinny ties.

"Twilight Effect"?! Well folks, it's been real. Real depressing. I was gonna wait until after Little Big Planet 2 came out before ending it all, but that's a whole month away and, quite frankly, even peanut butter doesn't taste good anymore. *blows out pilot light, turns gas stove on high* I'm coming, Sylvia! (Get that Ball Jar of yours ready, I've got some serious droopers)

Superman Gets a Hipster Makeover

Thanks to Anthony, who blames the Twilight Effect for everything that's wrong in the world. And you know what? He's right.

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