Magic Pool Creates Shapes Out Of Waves

October 18, 2010


This isn't particularly NEW news because we mentioned it back in 2006 when you weren't even kneehigh to a tadpole yet, but we've got video this time. And video, as you may well know, are the words of the future. So yeah, a Japanese pool that can create shapes out of waves. That's a kidney there. *whispering* Okay, my producer just told me this isn't a kidney, it's a heart. Haha, actually -- it may in fact be a pancreas.

It uses computer-controlled actuators that move the water in perfect synchronization. The computer software uses fluid dynamics algorithms to calculate the necessary motions. The whole think looks like a computer rendering, but it's real.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Finally, a way to write love letters to Ariel without smearing the ink! She, uh -- she still can't talk, right?

Hit for a worthwhile video of the magic in action.

This Pool Can Create Waves In Any Shape You Want [gizmodo]

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