Life In Space: A Star Trek-y Sci-Fi Comedy

October 19, 2010


Note: Worthwhile 1:30 trailer after the jump. Slightly NSFW due to a censored wiener.

Life In Space is a sci-fi comedy show made by my friend Tyson. I've known him since I was five or six so I'll vouch for him despite the fact he beat me in the face swinging at a piñata at one of his birthday parties. He's actually 30 now but based on the way his brain functions you'd swear he's eight, tops (that was complimentary Tyson, I swear). Anyway, this is his brainchild, and he wants to turn it into a regular web series. He also plays the handsome captain. Me? I play Peggle. While I blog.

"Life in Space" is an outer space science fiction comedy TV Show. Two years in the making, Life in Space, is the story of the Galaxy Federation star ship, the Star Filet on intergalactic missions to protect the galaxy. The show is jam packed with aliens, robots, laser battles, and over the top special effects!

There's a short trailer after the jump, which I suggest you check out. And not just because I want my friend to succeed so I can ride his coattails to fame and fortune, but not having to worry about where my next bottle of booze is coming from would be nice. Because last night for my 7,000th post celebration it came from the gnarled hands of a sleeping bum. I think I drank a tooth.

UPDATE: 3-minutes of the 1st episode now up on Tyson's website HERE.

Hit the jump, watch the trailer, and check out Tyson's Kickstarter page if you're interested in helping out.

(Also available in full-HD, recommended)

Show's Website
Kickstater Page (go here to find out how to help/donate)

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