Learning By Listening: The Elements Song

October 13, 2010


They should really teach the elements song in school. Then maybe today's youth wouldn't be so stupid. No lie, I asked a kid at the mall yesterday to go in and buy me a novelty shirt from Hot Topik what his favorite element was, and you know what he said? Plastic. F***ing plastic! WHO'S FAVORITE ELEMENT IS PLASTIC?! Mine's styrofoam. Also, I really hope the girl in the bottom corner doesn't read Geekologie, but I'm pretty sure she forgot the words to the song. YOU WILL NEVER BE A HARAJUKU GIRL!

Hit the jump to get your learn on.


Thanks to Christina, who knows the whole table forwards and backwards AND Janet's Left Step Periodic Table. Plus looks great in a lab coat and safety goggles. You go girl!

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