It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Electric Snuggie

October 6, 2010


The Coz-e, like the Snuggie, is a giant piece of marketing shit. But, to its credit, the Coz-e does add the extra excitement of potential combustion. GET AWAY FROM ME GRANDPA, YOU'RE A SHUFFLING FIRE HAZARD! $68 takes one home, but no amount of money will replace your personal effects when said home ends its life in a house fire. Which is exactly why I keep all the stuff that's really important to me right here in the trunk of my....where's my car? I'M NOT KIDDING, WHERE THE F*** IS MY CAR?! Oh God not my Beanie Babies!

Finally, an electric Snuggie appears [dvice]

Thanks to The Coward, who's afraid to do anything, including attach a real name to his tip because he knows I'll track him down and whip his monkey ass for calling me a robot lover. Haha, should have used a fake email too, Josh!

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