I'd Still Live There Even If Bears Attacked

October 15, 2010


This is a sweet-ass treehouse that I would live in even if it meant fighting off legions of robotic bears in the dead of night. We'll just have to add night-vision to the laser turrets, no biggie. It looks like 50% Ewok village, 50% that giant stick-ball thing they were trying to build in the movie version of Where the Wild Things Are, and 100% no privacy if you ever get the itch to play with yourself. And you're going to. "Uh, GW? That's why blankets were invented." And no that is not why blankets were invented. As a matter of fact, blankets weren't even invented, they've just always been here. So yeah -- put that in your gravity bong and smoke it and then spill dirty water all over the carpet and tell your mom the aquarium must have a leak and to preheat the oven for fish sticks.

Image of the Day: this is one awesome treehouse [dvice]

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