How To: Make A Milk Jug Stormtrooper Helmet

October 8, 2010


Want to make your own low-cost Stormtrooper helmet? All it takes is a couple milk jugs, some glue, paint and absolutely zero interest in winning this year's costume contest. "Dude -- WTF are you even supposed to be -- you look like an albino hippo". Your girlfriend does! "I don't even have a girlfriend." Even worse -- at least albino hippos got vaginas! "Touche, now give me all your Smarties or I'm gonna have sex with your sister again." Haha, well play-- AGAIN?!

Milk Jug Storm Trooper Helmet [filthywizardry] (tutorial)
How-To: Milk Jug Storm Trooper Helmet [make]

Thanks to Cindy, who once made Leia's iconic golden bikini out of nothing but soldering wire and gold spraypaint. Now you're talking!

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