Hooters Girl Competes In Contest Thinking She'll Win A Toyota, Actually Wins Toy Yoda

October 19, 2010


This story is old as hell, but I'd never heard it and it's too good to pass up. So apparently a Florida Hooters waitress competed in a beer-sales competition in which the grand prize was a Toyota, only thing is, it was never spelled, only spoken.

In a funny twist and play on words, Hooters didn't award a Toyota but gave her a ......

A Toy Yoda!

Jodee Berry, the former waitress, is now suing Hooters! Appearantly, she wasn't too amused by the joke!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Apparently it was all part of an April Fool's Joke. Seriously thought, that's a pretty cruel joke. Especially because she kind of looks like Yoda. That's how feelings get hurt.

UPDATE: Apparently Hooters settled for an undisclosed amount of money that was more than enough to buy a Toyota. Dammit Hooters, stick to your wings guns.

Hooters Girl thought she was getting a Free Toyota in Drinking Contest [idiotbrain]

Thanks to Shannon, who once entered a contest for an Oldsmobile, won, and got an Alexander Calder original worth millions. Well done!

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