Gotta Connect 'Em All!: LEGO Pokemons

October 5, 2010


"Gotta connect 'em all!" God, I'm still giggling to myself about that. And not like a schoolgirl either, like a whole group of schoolgirls. *teeheehee!* I honestly can't believe I just f***ing wrote that aside, LEGO lover and Flickr user Filip Johannes Felberg be makin' all kinda crazy Pokemons outta LEGO blocks. Go on with ya 'lil monster-lovin' self!

For a few weeks now, Filip Johannes Felberg has been making batches of 4 different Pokémon out of Legos and uploading them to Flickr as part of his Pokémon Project. The results are nothing short of awesome and he's already done 32 different 'Monz.

Impressive work, Filip. "Thanks Terrance." *BRAAAAT!* "Ahahahahaha!!" God, WTF is wrong with me? "Nothing GW, you're perfect in every way." Geez, I really am aren't I? "No, far from it". Awesome, I've been looking for a reason to start cutting myself again.

Hit the jump for a whole bunch more.







Filip Johannes Felberg's Flickr
Filip Johannes Felberg's Lego Pokémon Project [albotas]

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