Girl 'Drinks' Own Brain Fluid To Stop Migraines

October 4, 2010


Melissa Peacock is just like every other 17-year old except she has a tube (not to be confused with the series that makes up the internet) connecting her brain and stomach to siphon off excess brain fluid and prevent migraines. So yeah, just your average 17-year old cyborg zombie. I'm really diggin' the hair.

'I still get a dull ache when I wake up in the morning but as the fluid drains away, I start to feel a bit better,' said the 17-year-old.

Melissa has a condition that causes her body to produce too much spinal fluid, which collects in her skull and pushes on her brain.

This left her with migraines and blurred vision and sometimes she could not walk in a straight line.

Doctors punctured her skull to drain the fluid nine times but, when the fluid returned, they decided on a more drastic operation.

Surgeons twice tried to attach a tube from her lower spine to her stomach but both times the tubes shifted.

They then decided to insert a permanent tube directly into her brain.

'The pain was just unbearable at times, so I agreed to go ahead with the operation.

'My friends think the fact that I digest fluid from my brain is a bit weird but my quality of life is so much better,' she added.

Ah, the marvel of modern medicine. Glad to hear you're doing well, Melissa. Say -- you think those doctors could install some tubes that recirculates my undigested alcohol back into my stomach for a second run? No? Stick to chugging my catheter bag? Just thought I'd ask.

Teenager forced to drink her brain fluid daily to relieve migraine pain [metro]

Thanks to notthelimejuice, who invented a system that pumps half-digested cake back into your stomach so you can....uh, why exactly did you do that again?

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