Every Role Playing Game Rolled(!) Into One

October 21, 2010


Note: You're not gonna have much fun playing it at this size, click HERE to see the thing in full-res and start making decisions!

This is a flowchart you can use to "play" every computer RPG all smushed into one. I tried it a couple times but kept getting stuck in the "enter your name" circle. These games can be so tricky!

If you've played a lot of role-playing games, you know that the stories blend together after a while. A plot twist or character death might have been shocking the first time, but after seeing the cookie-cutter scenarios repeated in an endless stream of titles, you feel like you're just playing the same game over and over. Well, we have the solution. Instead of shelling out for the next big Japanese RPG, just go through our handy flow chart. You'll save money and time while getting the exact same experience!

Well -- did you win? Congratulations! Pfft, and your parents said you were a born loser. I knew you had it in you! What exactly I don't know, but I suspect an alien's seed. You krinky as a mofo!

Every RPG Ever [gamingbolt]

Thanks to Belpheegor, who's actually played every RPG and can attest to most of the ending with him screaming and throwing a controller.

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