Do Want: This Dinosaur Bones Motorcycle

October 25, 2010


Oh I'd ride it alright, I'd ride it all. night. long. No, no I wouldn't either. I hate driving after dark and motorcycles make me nervous enough as it is. I would lay with it under a big blue tarp in my parents' driveway though. Built by sculptor Jud Turner, the 'Mortalcycle' is a statement about, um, our reliance on fossil fuels? Because there's no bones about THAT! And speaking of no bones: it's boneless buffalo wing day at Wing-Dings! *CRUNCH* Haha -- is, uh, is today not Thursday?

Hit the jump for several more shots and a link to Jud's website.





Jud Turner's Website
Mortalcycle: dino-bike! [boingboing]

Thanks to David B., who runs on coffee and Fruit Rolls Ups. Still beats running on nails!

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