Deathly Delicious: The Big Fat Ugly Sandwich

October 20, 2010


Close your eyes and think "big fat ugly". What comes to mind? Ex-girlfriends? Same here. But from now on I'm thinking sandwich. Introducing the Big Fat Ugly from Fat Sandwich Company, Champaign, Illinois. It will kill you.

Big Fat Ugly (with mayo and ketchup) $25.00

2 Rolls, 4 Cheeseburgers, Double Cheesesteak, Chicken Cheesesteak, Gyro Meat, Grilled Chicken, Bacon, Sausage, Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Fingers, Chicken Nuggets, Mac N Cheese Bites, Fried Mushrooms, Jalapeño Poppers, Pizza Bites, Onion Rings, Hash Browns, American Cheese, Mayo, Ketchup and French Fries.

My God that sounds delicious. A sandwich almost as big as a football? Count me in. Plus if you can pound one in under 15 minutes you eat for free! Sure you'll blow the back of your pants out and burn a hole in your car seat on the way home, but you ate for free. Now roll down my window or I'll kill you.

Fat Sandwich Company
The Fat Sandwich [foodbeast]

Thanks to Blastphemer, who agrees this is the furthest thing from blasphemy he's seen in a while.

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