Deadly Decor: Furniture Fashioned From Decommissioned Russian Naval Mines

October 15, 2010


Whatever you do, be careful where you sit. Get it? Because you might blow your asscheeks off! I mean, if the mines weren't decommissioned. But since they are, all you have to worry about is sitting on one of the spikey bits. Unless you're into that, in which case so am I and you'd be surprised how many of us "depth chargers" there are in the world. Estonian sculptor named Mati Karmin is doing wonders with the Russian AGSB-type sea mines found off the coast of his homeland. One of the best-known sculptors of Estonia, Karmin began with his marine mine furniture project five years ago. He is giving a new life to the old naval mines as contemporary furniture units, which include desks, fireplaces, chairs, tables, bathtubs, toilets, aquariums, bar cabinets and LED chandeliers. Karmin uses mines as modules and the entire furniture series comprises only two existing basic forms of mines - the hemisphere and the cylinder.

I actually really like it. So much, in fact, I had an entire living room set made. It's always the first thing anybody comments on when they come over (provided my wiener isn't hanging out of my bathrobe). I even had a famous Hollywood director try to buy them off me once. He said, "how much for the furniture, I want it all." And you know what I said? Wait for it -- wait for it -- you can't have it, it's mine. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Slaying me: I'm doing it. I'm serious, don't try to talk me out of it this time.

Hit the jump for a bunch of closeups of the individual pieces.







The Trash Treasure: Mike Karmin's Mine furniture [bornrich]

Thanks to dandroid, who once dove on a live grenade and laid on top of it for like a half hour before realizing it was a Granny Smith.

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