Darth Fairy Princess: Luke, I Know This Is Gonna Sound Wierd, But I'm Your Daughter

October 11, 2010


Some loving mother made her daughter a pink "fairy princess" Darth Vader costume to wear in this year's Dragon*Con parade. Good looking, mom. It's nice to know not every mother these days is cool sending their young daughter out the door in a golden bikini. Just sayin', not only are my daughters not allowed to leave the house until they're 30 (and then only with chain-mail and parkas on), I've been frying my balls with a hot laptop for three years straight now so I don't have any in the first place. Only boys are escaping these nuts!

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots of the costume.






Making Darth Fairy [booturtle]
All Kneel Before the Awesome Cuteness of Darth Fairy! [youbentmywookie]

Thanks to Eric, who once went to a Halloween party dressed as Darth Vlader the Impaler and not only won the costume contest, but managed to bring home some pirate's girlfriend. YAAAR!!

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